Pat’s Papers Launches

One of things I miss most about being in NYC proper anymore is not having NY1 on my cable box. The TV in our bedroom rarely would change off of NY1, especially in the morning when Pat Kiernan would provide a very calming (and slightly sarcastic) take on the news. (My love of NY1 in the past was noted by Mr. Kiernan.)

Pat – who if you’re outside NYC, you probably know best from VH1’s World Series Of Pop Culture – also happens to be on Facebook, and today let all his friends know of his newest endevour: Pat’s Papers. No longer limited to reading just the NYC papers, Pat’s going national.

Being once again able to have Pat read the papers to me in the morning is a great joy. (Pat has also mentioned that a podcast version is coming soon.)

  • mhaithaca

    No NY1? We get NY1.

  • Nice! Thanks for the heads up on this one. I really liked it!

  • Mark: Last I checked, TimeWarner was the only cable company in Ithaca; NY1 is a TimeWarner creation, so it’s understandable that it’d make it upstate.
    For better or for worse, TimeWarner doesn’t have service in my portion of Jersey City, so we’re on Comcast. And while I know Cablevision has run NY1 on their service in Brooklyn and Queens, Comcast does not.
    Hence, no NY1. :(