Pizza, Skating, Good People, Good Times

Slice Club was definitely worth the trip.
Big thanks to Youngna, Laren, Nichelle, and of course Adam the Pizza Overlord, for all making the night so damn enjoyable. It was sad that the skating was slightly thwarted by The Trump Zambonis, but it wouldn’t be New York City without Donald Trump somehow screwing it up, I guess.
I look forward to the next Slice club. For now, I go to bed with a full stomach and aching feet.

  • Hey,
    Sorry I couldn’t say goodbye properly to you guys. I skated until closing and then looked for you but couldn’t find you, and it was getting late so I decided to head home.
    Nonetheless, I had a great time (Donald Trump notwithstanding).

  • Dan… Great meeting you and Katie! Happy Holidays!