Picture Pages

I happen to have received a couple of pictures taken from mid-April.
Here’s Katie and I outside of Tavern On The Green, doing the whole tourist thing. For the record, Tavern On The Green was officially not worth it.

And…I don’t know what exactly to call the expression on my face here, but I’m sure I’ll have 5 comments by morning calling me Emo.

  • vajrabelle

    Since you asked for it,
    Let’s just say that it’s a good thing you have a manly man’s voice that makes you sound wise & worldly, and a mature demeanor; because with that face you will look {actually age number edited to protect author} for a *very* long time. Enjoy your karma, even when your {future} son asks you to walk a lot farther behind him in public because he’s tired of people asking if you are his brother.

  • the first one’s a cute picture. =D
    the second’s totally not emo. you look too mean, and not “oh, a black cloud hangs over my head eternally” enough.

  • Adam “rampage” Meltzer

    Where are you in the pictures? I don’t see any tall black teenager!
    Anyway my first time in NY I went to TotG, and I agree, it’s not worth it.
    However Sunday brunch there is one of those mandatory touristy things, so you have to do it at least once.