Unregistered Comments Off

I’m having to delete 3 comment spams a day, and that’s enough right now to force me to shut off unregistered comments. At least for now.
So please, register for TypeKey – it’ll be good for every MovableType site that uses the standard registered comments under 3.0. It’ll be a good thing.

  • Were you using MT-Blacklist or something similar before? I use MT-Blacklist (when my site actually exists >.>) and it was a great method of blocking comment spams transparently and with little effort. I can only hope Jay Allen will make a version compatible with MT 3.0 – I prefer not to force people to register for TypeKey, though I would also encourage it.

  • I was using MT-Blacklist, but it broke a number of things on beta1 as it’s not compatible.
    Jay Allen has already said that he’s impressed enough with TypeKey that he has no plans for MT-Blacklist 3.0, although he will probably open the source up.

  • Finally I can comment…
    Now, what should I even comment >_>.
    I suppose this TypeKey service is nice.
    They did a smart thing by not letting you just register then comment. If they just made you register, then it’d be: OMGWOW YOU’RE SUCH A SPAM PREVENTER!!!
    But they’re smarter than that (thank god).
    Maybe I’ll eventually give MT a shot. I REALLY liked WordPress (formally b2), except for the fact that you couldn’t successfully install the first version of WP without modifying some files (good job CafeLog!).
    It was a nice little script. Easy to manage and style.