Email From Pat Kiernan

This morning, I received an email regarding my NY1 post from Friday:

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 05:43:28 -0500
From: Pat Kiernan
To: Dan Dickinson
Subject: NY1
We got a good chuckle out of your review of Friday’s newscast … mainly
because the Gary reclining in the car report was a surprise to us (back
at the station) the first time he did it.

I’m curious how the post made its way to the NY1 office, but no matter. NY1 has once again made my day!
(I’m sure a number of you want details from Porn Day; I promise I will post some tonight.)

  • Amazing! Pat Kiernan? I love that guy. I used to watch him summarize the newspapers every day before school. Behold the power of Google.

  • telurian

    Spotted Pat Kiernan with his (apparently) pregnant wife Dawn and their cute little girl at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Sunday, May 2nd in the afternoon.
    I respected his privacy and didn’t approach him for an autograph or anything of the sort but he and his family sat in front of me on the grass in front of the stage. He looks just like on TV only he’s got dirt blond hair not brown as I originally thought. I wish him and his wife the best and hope their new baby (when it’s born) will be healthy!
    I miss NYI and had regularly tuned in on mornings. I had to reduce the amount of money I was paying for cable – from $73 per month to $32.