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A BioTech company who have apparently made great breakthroughs in gene therapy.
A small software company who makes a web browser with an AI helper.
A grrl fanzine.
The shut down website of an urban exploration group in DC.
And one extremely cryptic page.

What do these all have to do with each other?
What happens when the lines of reality and game blur beyond all belief?

Read up.
Learn how to play.
Catch up.
Join the cause.
Follow the trail.

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[To clarify: LockJaw is an "alternate reality game" that is played on the web, consisting mostly of obscure puzzles and piecing together of plot points. It's like nothing else you've probably ever played (unless you were a Cloudmaker or have played Majestic). It's interactive fiction on a whole new level.]

3 Weeks Down

No Doubt
April 14th
Barton Hall

More details as soon as I have them.

The work continues to pile up (next week is a big crunch). The catas continue to crumble (S4R’d Matsuri Japan with a B rating). The sleep cycle continues to skew (haven’t gotten to bed before 2 all week). OS X continues to get more enjoyable to use with apps like Adium (very nice 3rd party AIM client). The job search continues (but not for lack of trying). MC Chris continues to rock the world with the best white boy rap ever. Trent Reznor continues to churn out material that I insist you buy. I continue to target links to _blank out of habit from utterer.com. Katie continues to work on her brand spanking new website.

And I’m still left wondering if anyone even reads this page.