Destination: Venus

you’re reading this, chances are there aren’t many other people like you
right now.

Csoft, after a few days of being submerged under water, is now flailing
its arms rapidly trying to stay afloat. I’ve had serious issues
connecting and trying to get to my news page.

As such, I’m pondering switching hosts – we’ll see what happens.

So what’s going on with me, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you –

House: The house on 133 N. Quarry is ours starting this weekend.
Moving in is going to be complicated and bizarre, given that we will have
no phone and no internet connection for a good chunk of time. You’re
going to see me running around like a crazy person trying to get the house
habitable within the next month, so…yeah.

Kate: is here and is currently living with me at the house in
Trumansburg. She’ll be moving up with me this weekend. She just started
her job at University Park,
an apartment complex up behind Triphammer Mall. She has benefits up the
wazoo…but she can tell you about them on her page.

Birthday: My 21st birthday is on the 6th. Presents, cards,
birthday emails are all appreciated.

Media pointers: Highest recommendations to Requiem For A Dream,
very good recommendations for Powerpuff Girls: The Mane Event, and
– I cannot state this enough – stay as far away as you can from The Bomb
They Call Pearl Harbor.

Until next time, you bet your sweet bippy.

Bring On The Senioritis

the year has ended after a slew of 3 finals in 36 hours, an exciting car
loading, and plenty of sitting around doing very little.

This week’s activities include me trying to juggle room selection for our
house next week, and on Thursday driving to Kate’s house to bring her back
for the summer.


Music: Gorillaz’s Gorillaz, Tool’s Lateralus.

Books: Zodiac by Neal Stephenson.

Games: Escape from Monkey Island

Websites: Courtney Mainprize’s diary, Sleepy Skin.
Puts my news page to shame.

Hectic month coming up; Memorial Day, Dad’s Birthday, my 21st Birthday;
Father’s Day; Ellen’s Graduation. How I will have any money is beyond

Party Pictures Up

Wow, this has been a crazy week.
First and foremost, 29 42 party pictures are up, thanks to Gillian Daniel and David Friedland. The pictures are in the (surprise) pictures section.
Other than that, it’s study week…I’ve been busy trying to crank through some reviews and get some time in up at work. Mostly it’s been a relaxing week, although I’ve been having some muscle pain. But let’s not get too in-depth, this isn’t turning into an E/N site.
Finals are next week on Wednesday and Thursday, followed the week after by work and Kate moving up here. We move into our house on North Quarry on the 2nd or 3rd of June, and then things get interesting. Hopefully we won’t burn the place down.
Till next time.

The Big Come Down

virtually over, folks. That’s not to say it’s over on my computer –
rather, it’s nearly over.

This past week included a flawless finale to our graphics project, a trip
to IC to see Lewis Black and Mark Curry, and plenty of miscellany.

This week has been crazy – what, with my last prelim and a couple
assignments and all that. Here is the expected schedule for the rest of
the week, through Sunday:

Wednesday10:00 last 222 lecture, turn in problem set;
11:00 last Music lecture, 12:00 last Music section,
1:00 visit Mom and pick up computing things, 2:00 eat lunch,
3:00 last Graphics lecture, 5:00 dinner and television,
8:00 last Game Theory problem set.

Thursday8:40 last Game Theory lecture, 12:00 last
222 section, 5:00 CCC barbecue, 6:00 pick up Kate from bus
station, later dinner/supplies for Friday/relax

Friday – do I have to explain Slope Day? Oh, and Kate has a job
interview at 10 AM. And Christine gets in at 1PM. But other than
that…it’s Slope Day.

Saturday – once everyone recovers, it’s the big bash over at my
house. Watch as everyone except me recovers from their hangovers!

Sunday – Kate returns home, and study week begins.

It sounds crazy because it is.