End Of The Semester

As of 5 PM today, I will be on vacation. As I am leaving my Cube in the house (and for once NOT dragging it home with me), I will be online considerably less this break than usual. However, I can always pop by the house should I need my fix. So rock on.
Schedule of events is as follows: Work all this week, Christmas-related activities all next week, Kate here the week after, us down at Kate’s the week after that, and then one more week of work before I start the last semester.
Should you need to reach me, email is the best; calling my cell may also work, but given varying reception, the house phone may be better.
All my finals went fine, and I’ve already gotten one grade back (B+ in IT). My knee has recovered after me royally fucking it up at DDR Club up on North a few weeks back. I’m now up to 14 Catas. I now have every mix save 1st. I am disgustingly addicted.
Hope you all have a happy Holiday and all that jazz.

Boogie Wonderland

I’ve finally got a small chunk of free time, and what better to do than
write my first news entry in about a month? I’ll even go full-blog style,
because it’s been so long.

Wedding: The date has been bumped forward, and the reception will now be
in Sage Hall. More details to follow.

DDR: The path of rage continues, unsurprisingly. I seem to be playing
about an hour or more a day, and the exercise is definitely helping – I’ve
lost at least 15 pounds from when I started playing. In fact, I should
probably weigh myself again…anyhow, I’ve thrown 2 more mixes into my
collection, with another one coming in the very near future.

More DDR: I’ve now downed 6 8 Cata’s (Catastrophic’s, or
“the toughest difficulty song in the game” for the uninitiated), and I’m
starting to move into freestyling a little bit. Freestyling is where you
care less about nailing all the arrows as just looking good doing it –
which I need a lot of work on. Unfortunately, I banged up my knee badly
last week at DDR Club doing just that. If you want to see exactly what
frestyling looks like, and you have DivX installed, check out DJ
8-ball’s Cafe new routine

Reflection: That’s a large amount of DDR news. I’m such a geek.

CCC: My one-semester term as Production Director is almost over, and we
had our Run DMC show on Sunday. Highlights included a portion of Bailey
Hall collapsing (a football sized chunk of molding hit the stage because
Biz Markie’s bass was too loud), and a drugged up nutball jumping on
stage. Never mind that we only sold around 800 tickets. Oh well, it was
sort of fun, I guess. Also, I have a list of what CCC members put on
their crew signup forms as to why they think they’re special. The results are scary.

Kate: Kate was up for Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful as always to have
her up. Next visit will be right before New Year’s – no Christmas visit
again this year, sadly.

School: Classes are just about over. Still haven’t found a job for after
graduation. 4 finals in 2 days unless I can get some of them moved.

Time Wasters: Have you tried CartoonOrbit yet? Lots of fun in a collect-em-all
sort of way. I’m “Sock Him Bean29”. Also, Fark.com is vgg.

Web page: A couple minor changes, as I tweak the bar of links in the lower
left no one looks at, and reconsider various bits of content. The movie
reviews, which I was gung-ho about over the summer, has languished since;
RemyHoo hasn’t been touched in ages. Linkpad/Newspad is the only thing I
regularly update, and that’s just because it’s so ass easy.

Oddity: I’ve now received 2 emails from camgirls looking to be put on the
MGWCPT. Trying to figure out what to do about it, exactly. Maybe just
make it a general cam portal?

Purchases: Greatly reduced since I now have roughly 0 money for kicking
around. Still, I can’t recommend Paul van Dyk’s The Politics of

Closing: If you’re bored, email me/IM me/whatever me.

Next Semester

you go, for those interested.



969-128 LEC 01 MWF 1115-1205P DONATELLI, S

This course offers an appreciation of comedy not only as a literary
mode but as a symbolic attitude, as an essential aspect of human
experience, and as a species of pre-reflective consciousness whose
appearance especially in pre-modern works can provide valuable orientation
for humanists in an increasingly rationalistic and technological age.
Readings include literary works by Aristophanes, Plato, Erasmus,
Cervantes, Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, Beckett, Flann O’Brien, Dorothy
Parker, and Italo Calvino, and films by the Marx Brothers and by Indian
director Mira Nair. Prominent theoretical approaches to the comic by
Bergson, Pirandello, Freud, Bakhtin, Auden, Frye, Langer, and others is
also offered, as is background on related sub-topics such as the carnival,
the fool, and laughter. While the course communicates an objective sense
of several comic strategies and positions, its main purpose is to
encourage, and to provide a forum for, the speculative response that comic
literature typically provokes.




449-371 LEC 01 TR 1115-1205P WEBSTER, J

Music for courts, theaters, churches, concerts, dancing, marching,
public and private ceremonies, and domestic use by two extraordinarily
different musical personalities who were friends, is explored in its
historical and socio-cultural contexts.


645-134 LEC 01 TR 0255-0410P LAGOZE

This course examines the application of computer science methods in
digital libraries. A central topic is the representation of complex
information in computer systems, including object models and metadata.
Closely related topics include how to discover and deliver information
over heterogeneous distributed systems and how to preserve intellectual
information over worldwide networks for long periods of time. A theme that
runs through the course is the interplay between computing and people,
including the legal, social, and economic context.


640-836 LEC 01 MWF 0905-0955A TARDOS & KLEINBERG

Techniques used in the creation and analysis of algorithms.
Combinatorial algorithms, computational complexity, NP-completeness, and
intractable problems.




331-309 LEC 01 MW 1010-1100A BUTLER


331-692 SEC 57 T 1010-1100A STAFF

Analysis of aggregate economic activity in relation to the level,
stability, and growth of national income. Topics discussed may include the
determination and effects of unemployment, inflation, balance of payments,
deficits, and economic development, and how these may be influenced by
monetary, fiscal, and other policies.

Slack Off

Wednesday night, prelim tomorrow, need to be hitting the books. Instead, posting news to web page. Is this a good thing? Damn right.
We have a show! Cake, with Rahzel, on November 10th. I’m being plunged into the ever-dangerous world of concert organization…it’s going okay so far.
This week: hellish. Tuesday was Government prelim, today was IT lab project (didn’t finish, but I did my best), tomorrow is IT prelim. Next week, in the clear – just a paper so far. Also, job interview with MS on Monday. CourseEnroll, too. Maybe not too in the clear.
Other than the aforementioned, life is pretty normal. Feel free to make things interesting.

Show Me Your Energy


My name is Dan, and I’m a Dance Dance Revolution addict.

(Hi, Dan.)

What is Dance Dance Revolution (herein after referred to as DDR), you ask? Take a floor pad with some large arrows in it. Step on the arrows in the correct rhythm. Dance like there’s no tomorrow.

An eBay auction got me two floor pads and a copy of the US DDR game for
the PSX; almost all of my house has gone through the following steps, in

  • Lack of recognition – “What the hell are you doing?”
  • Disgust – “You guys look like such dorks playing that…”
  • Reluctance – “No way am I playing that. I’ll just screw it all

  • Enjoyment – “Wow, I’m terrible, but this IS kind of fun…”
  • Addiction – “Just one more game.”

If you’re curious for more info about the DDR crazy, check out the newspad link about gamers wanting a revolution.

I was down in Maryland this past weekend; Kate and I had a wonderful time. Next visit is in two weeks for El Fall Break-o.

My faith in TV has been restored; Cowboy Bebop is back on Cartoon Network, and Press Your Luck is on Game Show Network. Life is good.

Career Fair is for the next two days, and my workload is starting to finally kick back in. Guess I’ll just have to keep dancing.

3 More Photos

On the
photos page, you can now find the handwork of Gareth Anderson, Freeverse
Producer and Camera Guy. Three pictures from right after when I popped
the question to Kate.

I should note that more MWNY photos are coming, as Kate has some fairly
incriminating photos of me that need to be developed

A Short Review of Dan’s Classes

Computer Science 430 (Information Discovery; Prof.
William Arms) – potentially an interesting class about searching and the
methods used for indexing. Lecture can drag a bit, and section seems a
little too elementary. Still, looking worthwhile – we’ll be learning
Perl, at least. Workload is 4 problem sets (3 involving coding), a
prelim, a final, and section participation.

Computer Science 472 (Artificial Intelligence; Prof. Bart Selman) –
Taught by my advisor, this AI class looks like it will be interesting and
not kill me. Seems rather high level thus far. Workload is problem sets,
a prelim, and a final.

Government 111 (Introduction to American Government And Politics;
Prof. Theodore Lowi) – taught by a raving and young-looking 70 year old,
this class looks interesting on the surface, but I’m getting concerned
that it’s just going to jump from topic to topic and not have much
progression. Prof. Lowi has been teaching this since the 70’s. Workload
is papers and prelims.

Hotel Administration 430 (Introduction to Wines; Banfi Vintners
Professor of Wine Education and Management Stephen A. Mutkoski,Ph.D.) –
this, unsurprisingly, looks like the highlight of the semester. While
class are long (2 hours) and large (I would guess around 600 people), it
only meets once a week and involves a lot of wine tasting, obviously.
Prof. Mutkoski is very funny and light-hearted, and definitely is into the
subject (like Prof. Lowi, he’s been teaching this class for a while –
since 1982). I already have my little black kit with my three glasses, so
now I officially feel old. Workload is two prelims and a final, pass/fail

ORIE 480 (Information Technology, Dr. Mark Eisner) – a very
interesting subject matter, and a class that really should be offered from
the CS department, or at least cross-listed. Downsides include a long
lab, and the 8:40 M/W lecture times. Workload is a semester long project,
prelims and final.

And So It Begins

A week
ago today, Kate and I were making the drive down to her house so that she
could return to Maryland and potentially begin going to school.
Interesting events while we were there included going to a club in
Baltimore (Hammerjacks), going to a restaurant in Baltimore (Tio Pepe),
and hitting Best Buy like there’s no tomorrow (purchased 3 DVDs, a CD, and
some cases for my GBA games). I returned home Sunday all by myself,

The house has fully moved in, and while things are in a bit of disarray
right now, wires will soon be taped down and we’ll all be too busy with
school work to even look at each other. Well, hopefully not.

Today marks the beginning of classes for the Fall 2001 semester. My
schedule, of course, has been updated to reflect my new time commitment
thingies, and will probably change slightly over the next few weeks as
sections are added or moved, and CCC gets firmly established again.

For those who I haven’t told, Kevin Smith is coming to campus via CUPB;
it’ll be October 1st, at 7:30 (I believe).

GBA owners must go pick up Mario Kart: Super Circuit for the sheer ownage.

Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you…oh yeah, I do have a scan
of our engagement announcement photo. I
know I’m way behind on my various databases, but given there’s maybe 3
people who read this site regularly, and those people talk to me more than
enough, I think I’ll be okay to get school going