A Little Fiction

Today, I was thinking “Boy, I wonder what it’s like on the heated inside of Cornell politics”. And it just so happened that I received an anonymous tip off as to what I’m missing. A recent meeting of two CU student organisations went roughly as follows. It should be noted that one group has a very large membership, that the other group is a minority-based group, and that the names have been changed to protect the ludicrous: Bubbly Brit: “(insert name of ethnic group here) sucks!” Ethnic Group (unison): “You’re a bunch of fucking racists!” Bubbly Brit: “I’ll kill you all you fu-” Rational Roy: “If I may interject…” (goes on to talk totally rationally, then gets interrupted by) Ethnic Group (unison): “Fuck you, honkey! You always say the same shi-” Rational Roy (staring at celing, totally calm): “I would like to finish my sentence.” And so on, and so on, and so on. More race issues were brought up, but it’s all more of the same. So now you know why I would not run for election for any of those student organisations that I associate with, god love ‘em.