Huzzah, Anti-social!

Out of complete boredom, I decided to pop back over to everyone’s
favorite anti-site, [](
Turns out that the site got a makeover, plus some postcards, and some
real honest to god content! I highly recommend you check it out. I’ll
try to get some banners to run if I can find them.

Mark OUT!

So I was alerted to the fact that Apple has introduced a crapload of
bundles for their machines, and in the process knocked off $200 or so
from my order after I re-placed it. Pricing is:
iBook Blueberry and 64MB RAM – $1,549.00
iBook Tangerine with 64MB RAM – $1,549.00
iBook SE Graphite with 64MB RAM – $1,749.00
Power Mac G4 Cube (450MHz 1MB L2/64/20G/DVD/56K) and 17″ Apple Studio
Display – $1,999.00
PowerBook G3 400MHz/64MB/6G/DVD/Enet/FW/56K – $1,999.00
PowerBook G3 500MHz/128MB/12G/DVD/Enet/FW/56K – $2,999.00
These offers are available on the right side of the Apple Education
Store, if you click on the “School Essentials” link (with the green
Apple logo) – or you can just call your Campus Store.

Starting the wrap up

Sorry I’ve been so extremely busy gaming this weekend. I am fully
recovered, thankfully.
I spent a little time working on a mostly-complete swag list, detailing
all my aquisitions from the expo. Those people who asked me to get them
stuff can lay claims into things that they want, although I reserve the
right to veto any such requests (you aren’t getting my Sims!).
My parents gave me the go ahead to order my G4 Cube on Saturday, along
with a new 17″ Studio Display. It’s all looking to be very cool. Should
arrive within the next month.
Finally, out of all the pictures on from the expo, I’m in
two of them. This one shows me (looking thrilled) standing next to Rura
(left side of picture), while Jason Whong asks us everyone if we want
some bugs. And in this group shot, you can see (from left to right)
Andrew Meggs (Contraband Entertainment), Tetsuo Shima (GameRanger), Ryan
Adams (MGL), Jason Whong (Green Dragon / Bunch Media), Peter Cohen
(MacGaming), Frank (Utterer), Rura (Utterer), and myself. Conspicuously
missing is Corey Tamas from MacGamer becuase HE was too busy. I’ll throw
both of these into my photo section at some point.

Day 5

Woke up at 6. Grabbed a shower, got dressed, went to McD for breakfast.
Hailed my cab and got over to Javits. Met up with Frank and Paul
Rura, and then we queued up for the Keynote. Cut in line thanks to the
MGL boys. Saw Sinbad.
Keynote was a hoot; all the new product announcements were badass, as
was the free mouse that we all got.
Spent the rest of the day wandering the floor and picking up goodies.
Was in the front row for Jason Whong eating bugs (pictures will be here
later), and I had lunch with Colin & Ian.
Left around 6:10, walked over to ScreamingMedia, and then we ran to the
train home. Went to the 10PM showing of X-Men. I thought it was alright,
nothing terribly exciting but it was enjoyable.
Came back, talked for a little bit with Dave’s SO Dominique, and then
conked out.
I realize this is all a bit terse, and that’s because I’m standing at
the Internet cafe in the expo typing, and there’s a line. I’ll expand
this all when I get home tomorrow.

Day 4

Christ, I’m behind schedule.
Quick version: Got up, took the train in with Dave, went up to his
office. Very nice place. Walked over to 24th street, went in the wrong
building, then found Freeverse.
Freeverse guys are extremely cool. Everyone has this nice warped sense
of humor that I get along well with. Anyhow, we spent the day making
little BMPl press kits (monkey hand puppet + BMPL matches + CD),
sticking stickers on Byte Me teeth, and getting boxed copies of DG
ready. Left at about 5:15.
Took a cab over to the med school, and ate dinner with Dad at
Shabu-Tatsu, which is a Shabu Shabu sort of place. If you don’t know
what that is – they give you a huge plate of meat and veggies and
noodles, and you dip it in boiling hot water to cook it. Lots of fun and
very filling.
Came back to the med school, called Kate, went to sleep.

Day 3

Uneventful for the most part.
Lots of game show watching in the afternoon as I waited for bus time to
roll around. Took the 6:10 bus to Port Authority, and then we took the
Penn Station train to Dave’s house.
Talked to Kate twice on the phone; I really wish I could talk to her
more because I miss her like crazy.
More news tomorrow, I guess.

Day 2

What a day, what a day.
Was woken up ridiculously early – well, not in comparison to yesterday I
guess – for a breakfast excursion. Standard diner fare, nothing too
At 10:15 we headed into Philly towards the art museum. I continue to
marvel over the lack of cultural identity that New Jersey seems to be
displaying. There’s a uniform sameness that irks the crap out of me.
A side note about the art museum – the art museum is notorious because
it was in the original Rocky (you know, the bit with the steps). Now, I
haven’t seen Rocky (for shame!), but I’m fully aware of the bit when he
gets to the top of the stairs and pumps his fists in the air. And if I
wasn’t, all the goddamned tourists who do the same thing for a photo op
make it painfully obvious that something exciting happened here. I
must’ve seen at least 50 people of all types doing it, and it got
dreadfully painful to watch.
Anyhow, once we got to Philly, and Kate et al showed up, things turned
great. We meandered around the art museum for a bit, sat outside and
talked, ate lunch at the Museum Restaurant (very good asian fare), and
went to the Ben Franklin Institute. The whole day was a lot of fun,
although there were a few snags here and there, including my completely
awful directions regarding a meeting place.
Back at “home”, we had spaghetti for dinner and some very good Key Lime
Pie for dessert. And now, after being told I can use the computer, my
mother is demanding that I come play Scrabble, something I have
explicitly said I do NOT want to do. Sigh.
And we triumphantly kicked their teeth in by about 100 points. That’ll
learn her.
Oh, before I forget – be sure to check out my beginnings of a MWNY
. In there right now is just about all the promotional and
administrative emails I’ve gotten regarding the thing. Some of the PR
stuff is interesting, and you can get a feel for what I have going on
over the next few days. I know the icons are broken – I’ll do something
about it when I get home. Cope.
Tomorrow, I sit around all day and then take a bus up to NYC and meet up
with Steinberg. More news then.