2 Week Lockdown

Okay, okay. I found out today that Csoft has, in fact, compiled our web
server with PHP4, so potentially, I could spend tonight and tomorrow
hacking away to add some rudimentry session handling stuff.

However, I honestly have no effort to do this right now – Kate gets here
on Saturday, and honestly, I’d like to get in the mindset of
“girlfriend” rather than “code” (and I’m sure she would like me to not
be talking about computer issues), so I’m officially locking down my
page from now until I get back from her house on the 11th.

However, there’s a small issue of my 14 day news script, and this post
disappearing before I get back, SO the date has been set forward to
Sunday. Just lest you were wondering.

Final updates before the lock down are a couple things on the calendar,
and the last Quotefile entries of the year, including the Emily Kishel
Classic at Kayuga. Quotefile will be moving to a database format over
the summer, by the way.

See you all in 2 weeks, and feel free to drop me an email at my usual
addresses. I will be checking mail every now and then.

Calendar up

Chalk up another victory to modern technology. I have taken Christopher
Ostmo’s calendar PHP/MySQL
and severely tweaked it to remove a largeportion of the unneeded
features, thus leaving a nice little inline calendar. You can check it
out under the news archives, or in the standard header.

This won’t be mirroring my Palm with every class I’m taking, but it will
have the major events down there so you can get a feel for what’s going
on with me. Hope you enjoy it.

News archives go up

In an effort to keep my database from getting to clogged, and to allow
you (all four of you) who read my page easy access to my old musings, I
have started archiving the old news. February is up right now, March and
April (since both of them will no longer be seen on the front page) are
coming later this afternoon.

In other news, my USB card died, so my machine is rapidly approaching
suck at a frightening speed. Let’s hope that new machine miraculously

Weekend Update

Well, it’s just past noon, and I’m killing time, so here is your weekend

The COD HS Junior Prom was last night, and I was dragged to it since my
mom didn’t want to take pictures alone. Ran into a number of people from
my grade, so I wasn’t completely screwed. Some interesting outfits, and
while I don’t quite recall who won King, Kyle Hermann won Queen. Congrats, Kyle.

Today is Gil’s birthday. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday.

I’m going freelancing at Swenson’s in an hour, and after
I’m done, I’ll be scanning a variety of pictures – some of Kate and I
from Spring Break, all the pictures from the After Slope Day party at my
house, some of Eddie Schmidt for his page, and the legendary middle
finger shot of me and Steinberg. They should all be up this evening, so
stay tuned.

Can’t Beat That With a Stick

So late last night, I got a message from an old friend of mine, and it
turns out that Anti-social.com
is alive again. That brings me back.

Also, over on utterer.com we have
a unique Daikatana Anti-Petition. This probably means very little to
almost all of you.

Finally, by this time tomorrow I will be starting to move my things out
and home; so expect content updates to be a little more sporatic over
the next few months.